Alpha Construction is a family operated business, with this brother and sister team working hard each day to deliver the Alpha experience to their family of employees and customers!


Our founder and President, Eldon Jerome Collins III, known as “Jeremy”, is a second-generation contractor. Jeremy was raised to know the value of a man's word and the commitment of a handshake. Strong family values like trust, loyalty, and quality workmanship are the core business principles for Alpha Construction. It has always been a dream to lead the company as a family, where everyone has trust and mutual respect, and the drive to work hard and offer quality services to our customers.


Jeremy has grown up in the construction industry with over 15 years of hands on experience in residential and commercial construction. Working at the beginning of his career as a laborer on a roofing crew to now holding HVAC, electrical, plumbing, roofing, and general contracting licensures.


Alpha Construction has been a leading contractor in the community since its inception. With nearly eight years serving southern West Virginia in commercial and residential construction, roofing and HVAC.


In 2015 Jeremy had the inspiration to expand his operations to include additional states in the “southern beltway” expanding the commercial roofing and HVAC divisions of Alpha. Now reaching their service to North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee, with plans to keep growing!

ELLISHA MCLAUGHLIN,  V.P. , Managing Director


Ellisha has grown up in the construction industry, with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Ellisha spent the first decade of her career working in commercial general contracting, continuing her career path into construction project management. Throughout the years, Ellisha has had opportunities to grow in her experience working for several national retail chains in construction project management, and later in her career, executive leadership roles for some of the country’s largest national commercial roofing companies.


Ellisha’s experience has allowed her to navigate with success the complexities of roofing operations, safety, production, and overall construction business operations. When her brother, Jeremy, presented the opportunity to “come home” and join him at Alpha Construction to develop the commercial roofing division, there was no decision to make!